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Have you been in an accident that wasn’t your fault?

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Types of injuries we can deal with

✓ Construction site accidents

✓  Accidents in a factory or warehouse

✓  Accidents while working in an office – slips, trips, falls

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Types of injuries we can deal with

✓ Construction site accidents

✓  Accidents in a factory or warehouse

✓  Accidents while working in an office – slips, trips, falls

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An accident resulting in injury can happen at any time, but when they happen in work or in a traffic accident and it’s not your fault there’s a chance that you could be entitled to some compensation.

Whether injured due to unsafe working conditions on a building site,  slipped on a wet floor in an office, or experienced an industrial accident in a factory, we can help to identify whether you are entitled to compensation (and how much you may be due).

You may be uncertain about making a claim and that this is a completely new experience for you. This is why at The Compensation Expert we promise to provide you with unbiased, responsible advice as to the validity of your claim. You know that you can trust this promise, too, because we operate a no-win, no-fee basis.


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Generally speaking, compensation following an accident is intended to put things back into balance, e.g. it’s supposed to make sure that you are not left out of pocket because of a situation that was not your fault.

When your claim is presented a number of factors when deciding the validity and value of a claim is considered.



First of all, when we talk about the ‘validity’ of a claim, it’s not about doubting that you experienced an accident or injury! Not at all! What we mean by this is that we need to consider the viability of your claim, i.e. how likely is that you will be compensated. When doing this we consider a number of factors including,

• The circumstances.
• Available evidence.
• The severity of your injuries.
• Possible witness testimony.

Making a claim will only be suggested if there is confidence that a claim will be won. If you want to know whether you may be entitled to compensation you can fill out an evaluation form.


While considering the viability of your claim, there will be a consideration on the potential value in terms of ‘general damages’ and ‘special damages’. General damages, like emotional trauma, cannot be calculated directly whereas special damages, like medical bills and lost wages, can be calculated into an exact sum.

The process of valuing a claim is complex, but the most important thing for you is this; all our experts value your claim based on all pertinent factors before advising you on whether or not to proceed.

I don't know if my accident counts

It can be hard to know which accidents are liable for a personal injury claim if you are not an expert, but generally speaking any accident in the workplace which was not caused by your own negligence could result in a successful injury claim.

Thus, if you were following company procedure and health and safety rules when your accident occurred, or if your accident happened as a result of poor working conditions you should seek advice. The initial call with an advisor will be a discovery call and there is no cost to you, so please feel free to get in touch.

What are your fees?

The no-win no-fee structure means that you will not be charged if your personal injury claim is unsuccessful. 

If your claim is successful, our fee will be a percentage of the claim value – this percentage will be agreed upon with your solicitor before a claim is processed. 

How long will my claim take?

Truthfully there is no set timeline, but generally speaking, less complicated situations will take less time to address legally. The sooner you decide whether to act, the sooner your claim will be processed and completed.

The Compensation Experts is the trading name of National Injury Claimline LTD. National Injury Claimline Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activities. Authorisation Number: FRN837834 . *Conditions may apply